Anyone loves being in the dark here?


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  1. Posted by Cherry_yv, — Reply

    Tbh...I love dark time and rainy days,cuz I feel comfortable,and gooder,than when its sun,and good weather...idk How many friends I have,they all love sun,but I love more when its moon

  2. Posted by plamediesompwe, — Reply

    I love night because I find a comfort in the moon she just look beautiful and give me hope that I can shine too in the night ☺

  3. Posted by mutesimildred, — Reply

    Oh My!!!! How I also love the dark!! The way the stars appear up in the sky makes me forget the world and I gain relaxation.

  4. Posted by Tukar9170, — Reply

    Yes , that's me and I love stars tooo🖤🖤🖤🖤😻

  5. Posted by wminyoongis, — Reply

    I love the stars they're so relaxing

  6. Posted by iamgracy0911, — Reply

    I love the dark. It makes me feel calm and able to be alone. Its a quiet place. Even if there were monsters lurking there, you wouldn't be scared but... accepting. If this makes any sense coming from someone who is this.

  7. Posted by mogan198808, — Reply

    its nice..because peace even no some dog will always act like we spoil them after forget own mistake..wat to do..but its more then ok.even not rich like u all..its all blessing from kota tinggi ayya..tq very much..

  8. Posted by vandanarjh, — Reply

    i never understand why am i the only one in my family to love sad , depressing , dark sides of things , i feel a lot happy and satisfied when the sun goes and darkness take place

  9. Posted by Denkislight, — Reply

    I love the darkness as much as I hate it

  10. Posted by imabendytoe, — Reply

    That’s me. The sun and brightness is overwhelming and the night is a pleasure to my eyes. I could stare at a wall for two hours and there’s not consequences I feel more free in the night time.

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